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For 4,000 years, green tea has been praised for it’s health benefits. Now hundreds of research studies have validated the antioxidant properties of green tea that assist in healthy living and weight loss. One 10 calorie green tea HAWAII serving contains less than 1gram of sugar and provides the following health benefits: Increases Metabolism, Boosts Healthy Energy Levels, Reduces Appetite 15-20%, Reduces Body Fat, Improves Health and Promotes Longevity.

There are built in discounts already for multiple box order to which this code can also applied. Add code in the box under the cart showing the order. YOU CAN ALSO USE THE CODE THROUGH JAN 31, 2024 IN THE TOP BANNER FOR YOUR JAN ORDER! Green Health First appreciates your supporting our Woman/Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business!

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Green Health First utilizes doTERRA to provide pure, natural resources for improving health of our bodies and environments. We offer experience and samples of green teas, and various essential oil products during consultations or workshops. We participate in health & fitness and sports events and healthfairs offering customized education and products empowering customers to make better choices – Making Life a Healthier Journey! We’re changing lives one drop at a time with pure natural Gifts of the Earth as an alternative to traditional therapeutics! Serving directly North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia. We’ll ship across the US.
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