2023Holiday Schedule and Support for YOUR Health!


Schedule your Zyto Biofeedback Assessment to be more INTENTIONAL bringing in natural resources to optimize your health as we transition through fall to winter. The scan shows where biomarkers are out of balance and suggests items to incorporate specific to YOUR body’s needs!

ALWAYS SERVING YOU! Glad to meet up-Call CONTACT Angie-9196560963 for RSVPs.

Zoom Webinars Tuesdays, 6p-7pm, & Saturdays, 10-11am via Inspire2Health – fact and testimonial videos- Contact Angie for links to join in or to watch recordings. 

We are serving you in November and December at the:

Apex Cambridge Village, 330pm Foaming Soap Workshop with Residents, Cambridge Village Circle, Apex;
Glad to meet up with folks before or after these events in the Apex/HOlly Springs/Fuquay areas. AND
Apex Salem Baptist PreSchool HOliday Market, Nov 17-18, 9-4pm, 1821 N Salem St, Apex NC

We’ll be in the Annapolis MD area Dec 1-9 and 13-16 however can still provide services via Zoom or phone.

Please subscribe to our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3kwS39nSW0p-M1TmN_qUPA/
to learn with us how our gifts of the Earth CAN make staying Health SIMPLE!

APPRECIATE YOUR ONLINE ORDERS at www.2cupsgreenteahawaii.com, buygreenteahawaii.com & www.mydoterra.com/986534.
Contact Angie by phone or order online!
ASK for a Referral Link to purchase the doTERRA products 25% off retail (wholesale)! Especially NOV16-21 for the BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One-FREE) SAVINGS – get 25% off and get a FREE product- while supplies last through Nov 21st! OTHERWISE- order retail OR I can order for you and meet for exchange of payment(anyone in the RaleighNC area or in MD area)!

Be well- naturally!


Visit us at these events:

9/5- 11-130- Cambridge Village Apex Lobby Education/Experience table
9/6- in Raleigh after 2pm – we’ll be supporting the LGCFU Healthfair earlier that day
9/7 11-2 Rex Cancer Center, BlueRidgeRd, Front lawn Farmers Mkt
9/9 10-3 Angier’s Crepe Myrtle Fest
9/11 8-4 Carolina Trace NCNGA Golf Tourney
9/12 10-2 WakeMed NewBern Ral Farmers Mkt
9/13 7am-11 Burlington AuthoraCare HF
9/14 11-2 Rex Farmers mkt
9/15 11-3 AKG HF Mebane
9/15 5-8pm Carolina Lakes Farmers Mkt
9/16 8-12 Midtown Farmers Mkt, NorthHills Ral
9/19 1130-1 Eaton Ral HF
9/20 WakeMed NewBern Farmers mkt
9/21 11-2 Rex CAncer Ctr Farmers Mkt
9/22 1130-1 Eaton Youngsville HF
9/23 8-12 MIdtown Farmers mkt
9/26 10-2 WakeMed NewBern Farmers mkt
9/27 11-2 NCA&T HF Greensboro
9/28 11-2 Rex Farmers Mkt
9/29 11-2 Duke Ral Farmers Mkt
9/30 8-1 ClubWorx FV

May -AAPI Month – We celebrate Many Cultures that Influence Hawaii and America

Post from GTH:

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Month, a time to celebrate and honor the contributions and achievements of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States.

The acronym “AAPI” encompasses a broad range of ethnicities and nationalities, including those from Asia, Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, and beyond. Each of these regions has its own unique cultures and histories, which have greatly influenced the AAPI experience in the United States.

Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world, and its influence can be felt across the globe. Asian Americans come from a variety of countries, including China, India, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, among others. The cultures of these countries are diverse, with unique languages, traditions, and religions. Some of the most popular Asian cultures in the United States include Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which have significantly impacted American society.

Micronesia is a region of small islands in the western Pacific Ocean, including the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, and the Marshall Islands. The cultures of Micronesia are characterized by a strong emphasis on community and family, as well as a deep respect for the natural environment. The people of Micronesia have a rich history of navigation and seafaring, which has influenced their culture and way of life.

Melanesia is a region in the southwestern Pacific, including Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands, among others. The cultures of Melanesia are diverse and complex, with a wide range of languages and traditions. Many Melanesian cultures strongly emphasize ancestor worship and believe in the power of spirits and magic.

Polynesia is a region in the central and southern Pacific, including Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, and the Cook Islands. Polynesian cultures are characterized by their strong connection to the natural world and their deep respect for the ocean. The people of Polynesia have a rich tradition of storytelling and song, which has been passed down through generations.

In Hawaii, part of Polynesia, the indigenous Hawaiian people heavily influence the culture. The Hawaiian language, hula dancing, and traditional foods like poi and poke are all important parts of the state’s cultural heritage. Hawaii is also home to many Japanese and Chinese Americans, whose cultures have greatly influenced the state’s cuisine and traditions.

This AAPI Month, let us celebrate the rich diversity and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. The Federal Asian Pacific American Council named this year’s theme for AAPI Heritage Month “Advancing Leaders Through Opportunity.”

Never Give UP! You CAN Reach Your 2023 Goals!


A new year always seems to bring renewed energy for wellness and Green Health First is right there with you bringing Alternative/PURE Life Quality tools! This month’s focus is on Metabolism! Data shows ~93% of us are NOT operating a optimal metabolism Because of SO many reasons: diet/artificials, hydration, exercise, sleep, anxiety/mental wellness to name a few and metabolism affects many aspects of our body systems and body/mind functioning. We are hosting WhatsApp classes regularly.
Contact Angie at angceroli@gmail.com to join our next private-group class! You are sure to learn about some life-changing tools you can incorporate right away and Live BETTER LONGER!


                  NOW More than ever we need to be intentional about our exposures and choices of what we put into our bodies!  The pandemic identified key nutrients that when deficient in the body makes it more susceptible to sickness/illness/disease.  We also learned there are many natural Gifts of the Earth to keep our bodies strong and healthy and which aid in the body’s healing/recovery so much more efficiently than most man-made products.

We learned from the Dec2019 Research article that green tea is one of the antioxidant-rich tools for boosting energy/immunity and reducing inflammation. The www.2cupsgreenteaHawaii.com products have 45x the antioxidants as contained in a regular tea bag. Dec 3- 17 purchase with this one-time code, Holiday15, to get 15% off your order— applies to orders of multiple boxes which are already discounted. (Order by Dec17th to receive products b4 Christmas).  Visit Angie Saturday, Dec 4th at Cathis Farm’s Winter Lights Bazaar, 3-10pm and mention this promo to get the special pricing- also explore and bundle themed products for addressing different health ailments– Cathis Farm is located at 544 Falcon Rd, Lillington, NC– see details about all the games, food, crafts/holiday gifts and hayrides at https://cathisfarm.com/holiday-bazaar/

We also learned that being difficient in vitamins C/D and zinc make one more susceptible to illness/viruses, so we NEED to be intentional about eating foods rich in these nutrients and to take supplements, along with getting restful sleep, hydrating and exercising.

Did you know that our bodies do NOT store zinc? We have to resupply the right form of zinc often/routinely AND we know from recent needs that zinc is crucial for immunity & fighting viruses. The chelated zinc citrate is a key component in the new chewable Protective blend tablets.

Ask Angie Ceroli about these products and all that is available for this Holiday season which will support healthy bodies and environments! Explore what natural resources Your body needs to get into Sync/balance- by getting your biofeedback assessment AND set a solid foundation of ‘good’ habits – by Habit Stacking so you thrive and not just survive the hustle/bustle.  Healthy CAN be simple.

—learn via this video: Nutrient Deficiencies: https://youtu.be/BFRXx0q4Kps  Our videos use powerpoint presentations so one can treat as a podcast and listen while exercising, travelin or making/eating meals.

Learn from other videos at Angie Ceroli Youtube, 919 656-0963, angceroli@gmail.com. Order doTERRA branded products via my website, www.mydoterra.com/986534, or Angie can order for you!

New Testimonial Feb 2021

GreenTea from 2CupsGreenTeaHawaii is how I start my days! I used to drink coffee every morning and would often feel bloated and then my energy would crash. I like my 2CupsGreenTeaHawaii cold or hot and love to add lemon. Gives me a nice, smooth energy. Have been drinking it for years now. No more bloated feeling and I don’t ever have that energy crash. I like to drink one before lunch as well as it also decreases my appetite a bit. All around a Great product and Angie of Green Health First/ GreenHealthFirst Facebook is always helpful and responsive to my requests! JessicaR

As a Wellness Solutions Consultant and someone with health challenges, I recorded this video a couple wks ago titled ‘How I, Angie Ceroli, Overcame 2020!’ In this less than 10minutes video, sharing the routine I’ve followed for many years: <a href=”http://How I, Angie Ceroli, Overcame 2020″>https://lnkd.in/efiVtCn</a>. (available on my Angie Ceroli YouTube channel)
Discover foundational resources & habits that strengthened my body not allowing covid to set in. I’ve tested negative 5xs, had 2 KNOWN DIRECT exposures and built healthy body systems that fight with key flavonoids/antioxidants. YOU CAN TOO! Eliminating gluten, dairy and processed sugars led to losing 8lbs (mostly noticed in my belly) in 30days. My friend lost 32lbs doing the same thing and eliminating some identified allergy-related foods/products. Now this isn’t easy and requires conviction, perseverance and diligence, however the result is feeling SO much better both physically and mentally! Have HOPE Your goal is achievable! Getting the GUT microbiome in balance is key to absorbing nutrients and moving toxins out so metabolism is improved.
Stay tuned for another video highlighting many other antioxidants/flavonoids documented by several holistic doctors for keeping us strong/healthy. Contact me at angceroli@gmail.com, GreenHealthFirst.com, for your wellness consult (or book at calendly.com/angceroli) AND ask to have the zyto biofeedback scan done (must be done in person) so you can see what your body says it needs to THRIVE!
#mentalhealth #wellbeing #naturalwellness #nutrition #therapeuticproperties #healthylifestyle #selfcare #weightloss (I lost 8lbs & have kept it off)

Time Change– Restful Sleep & Good Energy

It’s always an adjustment when the time change happens! As if we don’t have enough to adapt to these days! REST assured, there are simple, natural solutions to help you thrive! When the clock’s off, it can cause the circadium rhythm to be off too!  Many such solutions are detailed in this video (also on the Angie Ceroli youtube channel) https://youtu.be/XoEg-tTM9RM  .
CONTACT Green Health First’s Angie Ceroli, your Wellness Solutions Consultant -together we’ll explore what natural resources Your body needs to get into Sync/balance, get ‘un-stuck’ & motivate you to thrive! We have guided athletes, people wanting to stay of synthetic/meds, moms who want to set a solid foundation of ‘good’ habits and more because Healthy CAN be simple.  Get sustained, focus-centered energy with green tea! Order your custom-packed box today using the given 10% off code! Follow at https://www.facebook.com/greenhealthfirst
Email angceroli@gmail.com or schedule your wellness consult with $20 zyto scan at calendly.com/angceroli TODAY! We can meet at the Fuquay https://juicehaus.org/ where our teas and custom oil blend products are available retail! We are SO thankful for Alex and Laura’s vision to bring natural solutions to our Community! https://www.facebook.com/juicehaus.org/
Visit us this Saturday Nov 7th at the LAST Midtown Farmer’s Market of the season- 8-12noon, North Hills Plaza, Raleigh.. We’ll be offering samples and consultations at the FV JuiceHaus Saturday too from 2-4pm.

I’d love to add more partner referrals too!
<strong>BE WELL <em>NATURALLY</em></strong>

Learn with Angie at One Woman’s Voice & Midtown FarmersMKT

I’M BEYOND ecstatic TO be sharing how to Thrive Naturally every Thursday 11am EST thru Sep 26 at https://www.facebook.com/groups/onewomansvoice/ Won’t YOU Join me every week SAME Day/Time to learn how our Gifts of the Earth will get you to your health goals ? A different topic each week- It’s Healthy Made Simple!!

We are going on our 5th week and I’ve provided videos learning about natural options for immunity, digestion, allergies & athlete’s wellness. We’ll be covering wt control/appetite control, Stress and Pain management, Teacher’s Classroom prep, Cleaning Naturally, Memory Support, Restful sleep and Hormone Balance.

My Passion is to help people experience the power of God’s Gifts of the Earth and learn how they support the systems of the body to give more energy, fight more efficiently against sickness, rest better, AND THrive!  Educated in ChemE and experience in environmental consulting and pharmaceutical sales sets my foundation for exploring natural resources to customize what your body needs to operate optimally.

We use tools like essential oils, reflexology education, green tea and many whole-food resources to make being Healthy Simple! Let’s get your $25 Zyto scan to see what YOUR body says it needs to get into balance!! We’d have to meet for about a 45min session to complete the scan, review and email you the report. Contact Angie via email, messager or phone OR schedule an appointment via https://calendly.com/angceroli..  check out learning videos at youtube/angie.ceroli or ask to have some videos for specific health concerns emailed to you!

Visit Green Health First ( FB:2Cups Green Tea Hawaii ) at the  Midtown Farmers’ Market , this Saturday, and most through the summer – located in North HIlls Plaza near Chik-filA and the theatres! Ask to custom make a blend for your needs– many custom made 5ml roller blends are available- mental clarity, allergies/pain relief, sleep/calming, energy&focus, and more. We’ll also have custom made all-natural hand cleaners and bug repellent. Visit us and all the producers to shop LOCAL! Support farmers and know where/what you’re getting which has minimal ‘handling’ by others.  LIVE musice starts at 10am!!

Find/purchase  our green teas by the individual pixies/sachets at these locations: 

  • Angier Family Pharmacy and Garner Family Pharmacy
  • JuiceHaus in Fuquay Varina
  • Triangle Fleet Feet stores (Raleigh/Morrisville)
  • The Climbing Place, Fayetteville downtown

BUG REPELLENTFind/purchase the all-natural, safe-for-your-skin and pets, NO DEET, bug repel at these locations:

  • Tarheel Nursery- Angier
  • Simply Decor NC- Angier
  • Miller’s Landscaping- Erwin/Dunn
  • Miller’sLandscaping -also offering the all-natural hand cleaners
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