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A new year always seems to bring renewed energy for wellness and Green Health First is right there with you bringing Alternative/PURE Life Quality tools! This month’s focus is on Metabolism! Data shows ~93% of us are NOT operating a optimal metabolism Because of SO many reasons: diet/artificials, hydration, exercise, sleep, anxiety/mental wellness to name a few and metabolism affects many aspects of our body systems and body/mind functioning. We are hosting WhatsApp classes regularly.
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                  NOW More than ever we need to be intentional about our exposures and choices of what we put into our bodies!  The pandemic identified key nutrients that when deficient in the body makes it more susceptible to sickness/illness/disease.  We also learned there are many natural Gifts of the Earth to keep our bodies strong and healthy and which aid in the body’s healing/recovery so much more efficiently than most man-made products.

We learned from the Dec2019 Research article that green tea is one of the antioxidant-rich tools for boosting energy/immunity and reducing inflammation. The products have 45x the antioxidants as contained in a regular tea bag. Dec 3- 17 purchase with this one-time code, Holiday15, to get 15% off your order— applies to orders of multiple boxes which are already discounted. (Order by Dec17th to receive products b4 Christmas).  Visit Angie Saturday, Dec 4th at Cathis Farm’s Winter Lights Bazaar, 3-10pm and mention this promo to get the special pricing- also explore and bundle themed products for addressing different health ailments– Cathis Farm is located at 544 Falcon Rd, Lillington, NC– see details about all the games, food, crafts/holiday gifts and hayrides at

We also learned that being difficient in vitamins C/D and zinc make one more susceptible to illness/viruses, so we NEED to be intentional about eating foods rich in these nutrients and to take supplements, along with getting restful sleep, hydrating and exercising.

Did you know that our bodies do NOT store zinc? We have to resupply the right form of zinc often/routinely AND we know from recent needs that zinc is crucial for immunity & fighting viruses. The chelated zinc citrate is a key component in the new chewable Protective blend tablets.

Ask Angie Ceroli about these products and all that is available for this Holiday season which will support healthy bodies and environments! Explore what natural resources Your body needs to get into Sync/balance- by getting your biofeedback assessment AND set a solid foundation of ‘good’ habits – by Habit Stacking so you thrive and not just survive the hustle/bustle.  Healthy CAN be simple.

—learn via this video: Nutrient Deficiencies:  Our videos use powerpoint presentations so one can treat as a podcast and listen while exercising, travelin or making/eating meals.

Learn from other videos at Angie Ceroli Youtube, 919 656-0963, Order doTERRA branded products via my website,, or Angie can order for you!

As a Wellness Solutions Consultant and someone with health challenges, I recorded this video a couple wks ago titled ‘How I, Angie Ceroli, Overcame 2020!’ In this less than 10minutes video, sharing the routine I’ve followed for many years: <a href=”http://How I, Angie Ceroli, Overcame 2020″></a>. (available on my Angie Ceroli YouTube channel)
Discover foundational resources & habits that strengthened my body not allowing covid to set in. I’ve tested negative 5xs, had 2 KNOWN DIRECT exposures and built healthy body systems that fight with key flavonoids/antioxidants. YOU CAN TOO! Eliminating gluten, dairy and processed sugars led to losing 8lbs (mostly noticed in my belly) in 30days. My friend lost 32lbs doing the same thing and eliminating some identified allergy-related foods/products. Now this isn’t easy and requires conviction, perseverance and diligence, however the result is feeling SO much better both physically and mentally! Have HOPE Your goal is achievable! Getting the GUT microbiome in balance is key to absorbing nutrients and moving toxins out so metabolism is improved.
Stay tuned for another video highlighting many other antioxidants/flavonoids documented by several holistic doctors for keeping us strong/healthy. Contact me at,, for your wellness consult (or book at AND ask to have the zyto biofeedback scan done (must be done in person) so you can see what your body says it needs to THRIVE!
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Time Change– Restful Sleep & Good Energy

It’s always an adjustment when the time change happens! As if we don’t have enough to adapt to these days! REST assured, there are simple, natural solutions to help you thrive! When the clock’s off, it can cause the circadium rhythm to be off too!  Many such solutions are detailed in this video (also on the Angie Ceroli youtube channel)  .
CONTACT Green Health First’s Angie Ceroli, your Wellness Solutions Consultant -together we’ll explore what natural resources Your body needs to get into Sync/balance, get ‘un-stuck’ & motivate you to thrive! We have guided athletes, people wanting to stay of synthetic/meds, moms who want to set a solid foundation of ‘good’ habits and more because Healthy CAN be simple.  Get sustained, focus-centered energy with green tea! Order your custom-packed box today using the given 10% off code! Follow at
Email or schedule your wellness consult with $20 zyto scan at TODAY! We can meet at the Fuquay where our teas and custom oil blend products are available retail! We are SO thankful for Alex and Laura’s vision to bring natural solutions to our Community!
Visit us this Saturday Nov 7th at the LAST Midtown Farmer’s Market of the season- 8-12noon, North Hills Plaza, Raleigh.. We’ll be offering samples and consultations at the FV JuiceHaus Saturday too from 2-4pm.

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<strong>BE WELL <em>NATURALLY</em></strong>

During this Pandemic- How Have WE Helped & Adapted? We & Rotary?


I established my business first as 2Cups Green Tea Hawaii focusing on the active community trying to help people make healthier choices for energy, stamina and hydration by educating how green tea supports metabolism, immunity and our cardiovascular system, plus much more. Then we expanded our goal to bring many other natural resources for addressing health concerns of our customers, evolving to how we’re now known as  ‘Green Health FIRST’. Being Intentional is prudent! We intentionally choose events that support local non-profits and fundraisers for local needs to ‘give-back’.  For 6+ years, we’ve raised money for the MS Society, Alzheimer’s, different cancer groups, organizations supported by Cary’s Fit and Able Productions, along with many more organizations- see them on the website at the ‘Community’ page.

The shut-down of all public activities/events has dampened our support in this way.  Nonetheless, we adapted our focus to provide virtual education on immunity boosting resources along with tools for balancing mental wellness via weekly webinars and retailing custom-made products in local stores & at the Midtown Farmer’s Market on Saturdays in Raleigh’s North Hills plaza throughout May. Our offerings at the Market include all-natural hand cleaners, essential oil roller blends for topical application and all-natural safe-for-your-skin bug repellant spray. Our weekly webinars are often co-hosted by nurses sharing practical applications of essential oils for everyday use and many are focused on particular topics like hormones, immunity, thyroid, and toxin-free living, skincare & gardening, to name a few.

The main hand cleaner is custom-made with witch hazel (<15% alcohol max- important because high alcohol content cleaners kill all the good bacteria that help our bodies fight, along with the ‘bad’ germs), coconut oil and the protective essential oil blend, designed for immune support. This blend contains orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus & Rosemary essential oils AND is used for these reasons:

The protective essential oil blend was mixed in water and sprayed to clean MRSA from an operating table; with daily testing for 7 days, no new growth of MRSA was detected until the 7th day after cleaning- even after reintroducing MRSA on the 4th day!

  • Orange– antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-infectious, improves sluggish digestion, antidepressant(all citrus)
  • Cloveantibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-infectious, antiparasitic
  • Cinnamonantibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-infectious, antiparasitic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, helps regulate blood sugar
  • Eucalyptusantibacterial, antiseptic, supports respiratory health
  • Rosemary– antibacterial, antifungal, anti-infectious, supports memory

Other blends are available. There are decades, even centuries in some cases, of data showing the therapeutic properties of our natural resources – much found in – our medical providers’ research tool. One cannot claim essential oils can treat or cure any health issues/flu/viruses. They do support the many systems in the body to strengthen it, and help it fight, just as nutrients in our foods are known to do.

Typical ‘hand sanitizers have >60% alcohol on average; while this is good for cleaning surfaces, it’s not good for frequent use on our skin. I understand the CDC’s guidance and respect following it for killing the virus cells. I also understand that use of high-alcohol content sanitizers are required in many settings, still, we do need to replenish the good ‘fighters’ and nutrients to our bodies that alcohol kills. Adding 100% plant- derived essential oils(the plant’s immune system), which are 50-70% more powerful than the typical serving one gets with fresh plants, feeds the body many nutrients/therapeutic properties that support in various ways, especially those from herbs & spices. Add MORE fresh herbs/spices into your diet to equip the body to fight.


As a Rotarian, we initiated a fabric mask campaign that our members supported by buying fabric, sewing and distributing them to local residents and businesses to include several nursing homes, medical facilities, restaurants and retailers along with needy residents. We made several Prayer squares with encouraging messages for those virus patients isolated at Harnett Health’s Betsy Johnson facility. Angier Rotary supported the food pantry as well as worked with other local non-profits (TMACS & Santa & Friends) and identified many families for which we could purchase and supply groceries/toiletries as they were waiting for additional aid.

Green Health FIRST is a local Small business that is in business to improve our community in various ways giving back through partnerships. We’d like to empower and equip YOU to be your best you and optimize your health and environment with our Gifts of the Earth! Please contact Angie Ceroli 919 656-0963/ to join or receive recordings of our learning webinars that occur on Tuesdays at 630pm & Thursdays at 130pm. Please visit/like for encouragement, hope and wellness articles/tips.


Healthy Hair – (&Body) When Salon’s Aren’t OPEN; Even When They Are!

Olive oil has been shown to improve brain/memory function, promote heart health, aid with weight loss, AND support healthy hair.

Many things contribute to hair loss to include stress, deficiencies in Vitamins A,D,E and hormonal imbalances, to name a few..

Olive Oil consumption can help ward off hormonal hair loss.

Increased production of the hormone known as DHT, dihydrotestosterone, (association found in research of male-pattern baldness), can occur with blood sugar spikes. Unfortunately, excess amounts of DHT can cause your hair follicles to shrink, inhibiting your ability to grow healthy hair. That’s where olive oil comes in.

In a study of 25 healthy adults, those who consumed olive oil with their meal showed a 22% reduction in their blood sugar levels after just 2 hours. Adding olive oil into cooking or using with veggies/salad, can help prevent blood sugar spikes — and reduce hormonal hair losses along with other issues related to high blood sugar levels.

Olive oil can help nourish your scalp

When your scalp/skin is dry and lacking in essential moisture, this is a big indicator of dehydration! Drink plenty of water- the recommendation is about 60oz/day for most average size people (120lbs). Dry scalps can stall or completely prevent healthy hair growth. Consuming/applying Olive oil, a known storehouse for vitamins D and E helps your skin hold on to essential moisture, creating more optimal conditions for continuous healthy hair growth. I spray olive oil on my salad as my salad dressing and cook with it along with Coconut oil– also very good for hair and skin.

It can help prevent your hair from premature aging because of the high and potent polyphenol antioxidant content, which can help shield your hair from damaging free radicals. Free radicals are unbalanced molecules that attack cells and promote the aging process. Potent polyphenols are also found in green tea!! So make green tea part of your hydration plan!

Contact Angie Ceroli 919 656-0963, for more info. Order products from 2cupsgreenteahawaii .com using the HnF10 code to get 10% off your order.

Join our webinar 130pm today/Thursday to learn more about the therapeutic benefits of our natural resources – ; and use this link for our Tuesday, 630pm webinars.  We often have recorded replay links if you can’t make these times!  Be Well naturally!

Nutritional Deficiencies

Thanks I often have cold hands and feet and notice it more when I miss taking my doTERRA vitamins. Here are a few reasons why I believe I need to be consistent taking my vitamins!!
‘The saying goes “cold hands, warm heart,” but having colds hands and feet may indicate nutritional deficiencies. Having cold-to-the-touch extremities is not dangerous by itself, but inadequate vitamin and mineral intake may lead to other, more dangerous health problems. While you can tweak your diet to boost nutritional intake, consult your health care provider to ensure it is not a symptom of some other condition.
Cold hands and feet may result from iron deficiency. The average adult requires 8 to 18 mg iron each day. Pregnant women require much more — 27 mg. Consuming less than this inhibits the production of myoglobin and hemoglobin, blood components that deliver oxygen to various parts of the body. This triggers a condition known as anemia; one symptom of anemia is cold hands and feet. Eat liver, oysters and spinach to boost iron intake.
Vitamin B-12
Not getting enough vitamin B-12, also known as cobalamin, may contribute to a feeling of coldness in hands and feet. You need 2.4 mcg of this vitamin each day, although women need a bit more when pregnant — 2.6 mcg. A deficiency causes anemia, a symptom of which is cold hands and feet. Add fish and shellfish, organ meats, eggs and dairy products to increase your intake of vitamin B-12.
Raynaud’s disease is a circulatory condition that can result in cold hands and feet due to a narrowing of arteries that supply blood to these body parts. Andrew Weil, M.D., director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, suggests consuming 100 mg of niacin per day to combat this problem. This is quite a bit more than the quantity you normally need each day for good health, which ranges from 14 to 18 mg. You can boost your consumption of niacin by eating beets, fish and sunflower seeds.
Including adequate amounts of magnesium in your diet treats cold hands and feet — low extremity temperature may be related to a deficiency of this mineral. Adult women need up to 300 mg of magnesium daily, and men require up to 400 mg. You can get more magnesium in your meal plan by consuming tofu, whole grains, many types of nuts, baked potatoes, seaweed and green leafy vegetables.’
doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack contains a food nutrient complex capsule, a land&sea source omega softgel and a cellular complex of plant sources minerals/essential oils. There’s a 30day money back guarantee offered if desired results have not been met– for everyone I know who’ve sent the vitamins back, they’ve realized after about a week results had truly been achieved and reordered! Hawaiian Coconut Energy is a great source of electrolytes like B6/b12, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C. The body needs calcium to absorb Vitamin D & today’s statistics show a grand majority of our population are vitamin D deficient!
Now that winter is upon us and I’m more susceptible to cold in the extremities, I’ll be more diligent to take my vitamins daily— with food, of course!! Contact Angie to discuss the benefits of doTERRA’s Gifts of the Earth- 919 656-0963  Be well & Make Life a Healthier Journey~

All Things Natural- Stress Relieving Benefits of Our Gifts of the Earth!

We have so many natural options to maintain excellent health! From green teas to essential oils from most of our plants. Products of 2Cups Green Tea Hawaii are blends of green tea with a daily serving of the Polynesion superfruit, Noni. While green tea has a plethora of documentation for cardiovascular benefits, Noni has immense documentation for boosting immunity!  So much so that Noni has been used in the cancer world for decades to boost immunity and balance digestive issues. Noni also supports the brain and nervous system, with new data showing improvement in memory! Essential oils ARE the immune system of the plant, so every plant contains essential oil! How they make the plant thrive and help rid it of toxins and impurities are benefits for our bodily and environmental health improvement!

Excerpt from ‘L-Theanine: How a Unique Anxiety Reducer and Mood Enhancer Increases Alpha Waves and Alertness’

by Carolyn Perrini, CLS, CNC

L-theanine is extremely safe. There are no dietary limits on L-theanine intake by the Japan Food Additive Association. In 1964, the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare approved L-theanine for unlimited use in all foods, with the exception of infant foods.

The intended use of L-theanine is that of a mental and physical relaxant that does not induce drowsiness. Although there is no set schedule for taking L-theanine, it may generally be taken at the first signs of stress. Based on the results of the clinical studies, L-theanine is most effective in the range of 50-200 mg, with the effect being felt within 30 minutes and lasting for 8-10 hours. Individuals with high stress levels may increase their dosage of L-theanine to at least 100 mg, with no more than 600 mg being taken in a six hour period. FDA recommends a maximum dose of 1200 mg daily, although the reason for this limit is not clear, due to its demonstrated safety. There are no known adverse reactions to L-theanine and no drug interactions have been reported. L-theanine is not affected by food and may be taken anytime, as needed. Because it has a mild taste, capsules may be opened and dissolved in water. Although it is probably safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers, we discourage its use by them pending conclusive research.

Stress Relief
Stress and anxiety are debilitating conditions that upset the balance of our hormones leading to a loss of our well-being, performance, and even lifespan. Stress impairs the immune system, leaving us vulnerable to opportunistic infections, and can cause depression. In 1998, pharmaceutical sales of anti-anxiety drugs totaled over 700 million dollars, while sales of antidepressants totaled close to 5 billion dollars! People under stress can mitigate many of the harmful effects of stress with L-theanine without becoming sedated in the process. L-theanine doesn’t make one drowsy, nor does it promote sleep because this amino acid does not produce theta waves in the brain. It should be noted that if an individual were already relaxed, taking L-theanine would not produce further relaxation.

Status and Usage
L-theanine has just recently been introduced to the U.S. market. Japan is credited with most of the clinical studies and information we possess thus far on L-theanine but research is ongoing. We do know that it is absorbed from the small intestine via a sodium-coupled active transport process. It crosses the blood-brain barrier, as evidenced by the mental effects. L-theanine competes for absorption in the intestinal tract and the brain with the amino acids found in the methionine group (leucine, isoleucine, and valine), however the concentrations of amino acids are unchanged by simultaneous ingestion of L-theanine.

Research into L-theanine derived from the contradictory observation that green tea, with its high caffeine content, produces a very calming effect. The seemingly multi-dimensional reasons for this relaxation effect will continue to be studied. Current areas of ongoing research include using L-theanine as an alternative to Ritalin in children and adults, as a treatment for PMS, in controlling certain conditions of high blood pressure, in sharpening mental acuity and concentration, and as an anti-cancer agent alone and in synergy with other cancer-fighting agents. L-theanine may find another area of application for its use as a supplement in reducing the negative side effects of caffeine brought on by the over-consumption of coffee, soft drinks, or other caffeine-containing substances.

Many Essential oils like those from our citrus fruits and lavender have strong antidepressant properties bringing anxiety and stress relief.  Vanderbilt Hospital ER’s pilot study found at  has spawned the use of essential oils in more than 800 hospitals nationwide. Research the many health benefits at our website  at

The immune system for our fruits is found in the rind, so one can benefit by zesting the rind or including in smoothies or prepared dishes. All natural certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils are 50-70 times more powerful than the plant itself, so only 1-3 drops per application will affect a positive change, especially in stress and anxiety feelings in just a few minutes! Join one of our many interactive workshops around the Triangle found in our events list at  

Natural Sugar Satisfies & Reduces Chronic Health Issues Like Type 2 Diabetes

My morning routine includes my favorite oatmeal, strawberries & cream– Yikes!!! It has 11g sugar added per pouch! Guess I need to make the change to the plain, especially since I always add my own berries! A teaspoon of honey is just as satisfying and healthier in benefits! I also drink green tea everyday, which is documented to regulate blood sugar levels- a definite must for diabetics!  Eat well– Be well!

Check out this AARP article to learn ways to reduce your sugar intake:

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, Director of the Practitioners Alliance Network

How to Halve Your Sugar — and Eat It Too!

If you keep just one New Year’s resolution related to getting healthier, consider being smarter about sugar. Assuming you’re like most Americans, you’re eating — or drinking — 20 teaspoons of sugar a day. That’s more than three times what the American Heart Association (AHA) says is good for you. For an eye-popping visual — and motivation to cut back — try spooning that much sugar into a bowl. Yikes.

How much sugar is OK? The AHA recommends that women limit added sugars to six teaspoons a day, men to no more than nine teaspoons. While that might sound draconian, you’d be surprised by how satisfying many sweet substitutes can be. And don’t worry — we’re not suggesting you avoid doughnuts, cookies and ice cream altogether. In fact, becoming more conscious about your sugar intake will make those splurges all the sweeter.

One big benefit of a low-sugar diet: It will reduce your chances of developing diabetes, a chronic disease linked to the nation’s growing obesity epidemic that now affects over 29 million Americans. More than one in four people over 65 have diabetes. A recent study from the University of California at San Francisco found that for every additional 150 calories of sugar you take in a day, your risk for Type 2 diabetes (the type linked to obesity) rises by 1 percent. That’s the amount of sugar in a can of sweetened soda — which, by the way, contains about eight teaspoons of sugar. Left untreated, diabetes can be dangerous, carrying with it a greater chance of high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, heart disease, fatty liver disease, cancer and dementia, writes renowned sugar expert Dr. Robert Lustig in his book Sugar Has 56 Names. Additional advantages of a lower-sugar diet: You’ll probably find that your jeans fit better, and you won’t experience those sudden roller coaster mood swings.

Although people sometimes experience cravings and erratic emotions when they first cut back on their sugar intake, within about 10 days most people find that their energy increases, their anxiety goes away, and they feel much happier, says Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, director of the Practitioners Alliance Network and author of From Fatigued to Fantastic! and The Complete Guide to Beating Sugar Addiction. Pleasure is good, Teitelbaum notes, and sweet foods can be extremely pleasurable. The trick lies in finding a balance between enjoying short-term gratification while also improving your odds of long-term longevity. Here are 10 easy ways to reduce your sweets but keep your treats…

read on at

2Cups Green Tea Hawaii products contain up to 2g added sugar: approx. 1g organic cane syrup and 50mg stevia.

* * *

2Cups Green Tea Hawaii and doTERRA essential oil Wellness serves NC, SC, VA, MD and GA as the only distributor of the Green Tea Hawaii products. We have fundraised for over 100 organizations during our 5 years in business with our green tea fundraising program. Wellness workshops are routinely offered around Raleigh, Fayetteville, Wilmington Greensboro & Winston-Salem. Lunch workshops are facilitated supporting Business/school wellness programs with a goal of increasing productivity and decreasing loss of attendance due to illness. We are glad to bring our expertise to other states and localities as well.

Our 2cups Green tea Hawaii facebook page communicates our schedule along with articles/ videos and tips for Making Life a Healthier Journey!
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