As a Wellness Solutions Consultant and someone with health challenges, I recorded this video a couple wks ago titled ‘How I, Angie Ceroli, Overcame 2020!’ In this less than 10minutes video, sharing the routine I’ve followed for many years: <a href=”http://How I, Angie Ceroli, Overcame 2020″></a>. (available on my Angie Ceroli YouTube channel)
Discover foundational resources & habits that strengthened my body not allowing covid to set in. I’ve tested negative 5xs, had 2 KNOWN DIRECT exposures and built healthy body systems that fight with key flavonoids/antioxidants. YOU CAN TOO! Eliminating gluten, dairy and processed sugars led to losing 8lbs (mostly noticed in my belly) in 30days. My friend lost 32lbs doing the same thing and eliminating some identified allergy-related foods/products. Now this isn’t easy and requires conviction, perseverance and diligence, however the result is feeling SO much better both physically and mentally! Have HOPE Your goal is achievable! Getting the GUT microbiome in balance is key to absorbing nutrients and moving toxins out so metabolism is improved.
Stay tuned for another video highlighting many other antioxidants/flavonoids documented by several holistic doctors for keeping us strong/healthy. Contact me at,, for your wellness consult (or book at AND ask to have the zyto biofeedback scan done (must be done in person) so you can see what your body says it needs to THRIVE!
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